Saturday, November 18, 2006


While the students take blood from eah other

I like it. You have opened my diary.
Thank you.

... Once upon a time I wanted to be ... a dog.
I am sorry for the posibility of ambiguity in English, but I had learn to bark in sense of smiling then and it was so grand to recognize myself in everything around then ... Then fairy tales were my morning paper ...

My current task is to revive these precious symbols. And you help me in that.
Thank you once more.
Lots of different figures may be recognized in the picture but that means a little. What rejoices me is the strong sense of wholeness of your space where the tiniest spot isnt needless. And thus every single line creates not the academic clearness but the magnificient beauty of the eternities in what outwarldly looks just as a nitty-gritty.

You are great master. Thank you,
Respectfully yours.
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