Thursday, November 09, 2006


Visions of Self

A nice piece of art. Hmm it seems like you have a lot of passion in your self.

And also it has somewhat like a strong energy
Is it the picture of a wonderful landscape OR the portrait, the questioning by the eyes of our own heart?
Do I see the hugest fishes OR am I looking at the mirror?

It is for sure only one.
I see much more than just a red pen there and I am sorry for my impotency to give literally my hand to you.
However, the situation isnt hopeless, our spirit overcomes all obstacles (the distance between our countries too)
Thank you for the hug.
Your work continues to speak with such honesty.

Through your images I am gaining a true awareness of your experience and world.

It is so wonderful that artists living so far apart and in such different circumstances can understand and inspire each other.
Popping in to say hi, best wishes, The Artist
Now that you are telling me it does like like fishes and also eyes and fingers.
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