Monday, October 23, 2006


Sigmund Freud's Nephew and Corporate Alien Control

Do you know what "Torches of Freedom" are? Find out by reading
this article.

Thank you so much for your insightful poems.

Enjoyed the article for which you gave the link, and we certainly need to think outside the square to find truth in our world.

Look forward also to seeing the movie, `Thank you for Smoking', sounds great. Saw `Little Miss Sunshine' this weekend and it was in a similiar genre, a great laugh and a great message. Do see it if you have the chance, best wishes, The Artist.
Thank you for the link. I have red the article. I didn’t find any novelty but the truth. Everything was the truth there and anything weren’t new. Thus I question myself. In case we all understand everything, how is it possible that while looking for the purity, we obey the masks?
And the question enlightens the answer.
Though the article looks trustworthy, but it isn't such one. There isn’t any impersonal truth. Two worlds exist at the same moment and in the same place, and it is solely upon our choice what horizon opens before us. When we accept God's calling in Jesus, we become His Children and enjoy the benefits of the eternity already here and now. However, that demands our personal answer, otherwise we sink in reasoning that while looking trustworthy offers us anything except explanation why did everything looks so bad.
In other words, the desperation is the fruit of the world without faith; the world that enjoys in the wisdom of own reasoning didn’t see the light and hear the colors and is inescapably sad at comprehension of all above.
However, there is an outcome. We need just to lift up our eyes and not to fear to confess the truth that frees and comforts and motivates and heads us forward.

When we accept the divine truth we simply cant remain in our past loneliness and joyfully grow by sharing our insights.

Dear Lloyd Irving Bradbury, while looking at your pictures on a web, I hear so well known my old self and thus I hearty address you. It would be fine to see you on my blogs, to hear your voice and the remarks.
With love,
Yours Tomas
Caliing over to say hi, and how is the painting going? best wishes, The Artist
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