Thursday, October 12, 2006



It has been about two weeks, and I have not painted. My heart has been repaired but not my creative spirit
It is direction I seek.
This pause has maded me stumble. So I will review my weeks events. This will be an attempt to regain it.
It is an early morning’s quite pause, the cars and trucks are few. The sounds of the city are like a sleeping animal’s snore. Night is starting to creep away.
Sleeping in my cave there dwells my wife. She loves me and then not. The cave is cold as the weather has changed.
I must gather my strength to go on!

Good to hear from you Lloyd and thank you for your perceptive comments. Yes it can be hard at times to keep `The Creative Spirit' flowing sometimes, especially when like yourself you have just had major surgery or like myself at present I am selling my home and trying to find a new place that fits my budget and needs. Take care and I know your creativity and energy will soon be flowing in full stream again, with best wishes, The Artist
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