Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Ah! Go jump in the lake! Instead I will paint this !!

It is hard to have peace, In Chicago I live near 47 and western. Ther is an accedent there every day I hear the snash of cars and the peoples cry at the entrance of Homedepo. Day and night the sirens screan. The sidr walks are chewed up at the corners forcing one to enter traffic. The trees on the boulevard weep for peace
Escape is impossible. so I will paint this,,

Our big cities are just getting so fast aren't they. Wish so much for a new, gentler way of living, with best wishes, Then Artist
You are right. Day and night the sirens screen indeed all around the world. … YET even the single sunbeam can break the clouds for what have looked as having no escape would remind us that we aren’t left alone under the sun.
I rejoice at your bold conclusion, "so I will paint this,”
I wish you the best and hope that your picture will depict not the despair of human logic but the spiritual refreshment that keeps us on walk and renews the face of our earth trough our faith.
Thank you for linking to our blog! Now we have come to visit you too. In Chicago you have to find your inner peace, that is the peace you always carry inside you. As an artist you obviously express it through your work. Paint the peaceful trees and let your soul be free!
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