Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Green buy color needed

Green as a color
My suggestion Blue and green are best boght. Mixing these colors are not recommended by me!

Sap Green:For thousands of years green pigments were impermanent like Sap Green made from Buckthorn berries.

Malachite:The original mineral green as used by the Ancient Egyptians. There paint was similar to our modern gouache.
How to make Gouache More...
Pthalo Green:One of the new class of synthetic organic pigments with absolute light fastness, clean, bright, and with beautiful transparent tones.
Green The color of growth and life
Green is the most restful color on the eye. In nature the color is all around us but as a pigment color it was elusive until recently. There are only a few minerals that are green in color, and the plant kingdom produced only weak dull greens that would fade quickly. Renaissance masters became adept at 'making do' with greens. Verdigis was unreliable and the more permanent greens such as malachite insufficiently deep. Consequently glazing yellows over blue and other indirect methods were common. It wasn't until the 19th century that the 'green problem' was finally solved.

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