Sunday, May 28, 2006


The toy Castle the story behind the picture

The story of the toy castle
Long ago, in Eastern Europe lived a royal family. They built a castle on a hill where there were many lakes and trees.
THE Duke had many children. He decided to build a toy castle for them. It would be a fun place. The castle was built on poles in the middle of a laje in the deep forest. It was made of wood. The children loved their fun castle. They loved running thru the forest to their castle.
One day foreign Knights appeared before the Mai stone castle. They attacked the castle. God and slaves. The duke and his small aryl fought with courage but they we5re defeated. At the last moment of the battle the children and a grew guard escaped
They ran to the small castle on the lake. The crule knights followed
It was winter and the lake frozen/ the enemy surround the castle. The few guards fought bask. . They were no match for the heavily armored knights.
The small wooden castle was about to be captured. Those in the castle choose not to be slaves.
They set fire to the little wooden castle. The fire burned greatly. The heat of it melted the ice on the lake. The knights shed their armor and ran for their life.
Tag was Avery long time ago. Now sometimes in the deepest winter of a cold black night some swear they see naked men running for their lives.. That is why, to this day it is called the Naked Forest!

Great image, and a great story behind it. By the way, my name is also Lloyd Bradbury :P - crazy!
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