Thursday, May 11, 2006

Today was one of those days an artisrs hates, Unless he spcializes in mud pies.
The weather was great for ducks wearing sweaters.
I put my coputer on my new table. Not until I unravelrd all those wires. I have two computers link by a hub. Yes you know iT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I pot it together it Did not work!!!!!!
I called my long suffering computer friend. I had the wroge thingmagine into the watchamacallect.
After this my pastel pencil quit! My mind was full of watchamacallets.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Lloyd,

it's The Artist and wanted to let you know I am developing a new site and have added your link to this site as well.

The site is very new but I plan to make it strong and would love for you to visit.

The site is

Look forward to staying in touch, really enjoy your artworks,

with best wishes, Winsome
Thankyou I will link u too as soon as I know how! You have been a loyal friend and not many people leave a comment to cheer me. Some times I feel lost in space IRVING IRVING From a cave in chicago
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