Thursday, May 11, 2006


Man and Nature (as a horse)

This is for a painting of man horse etc.

Looking at nature Man sat astride his steed,

> > This he thought no one could make words read> >
Two friends had traveled far.> > Many years had blown away.> >
For them both to reach the day.> >
They felt not alone.> >
In front of them stretched water and land> >
So this hill of trees and grass they stand.> > To see future sway>
And as forseen the future did, sway and sway, but the fate of them both was in future's hand.
Lovingly it held them close, tenderly, releasing both.They nuzzled noses, breathed in deep each others scent, they filled with strenght.
Reluctantly they went on to another journey, alone.

Beautiful... The strong breeze outside my door is the perfect companion to your piece. Thank you for sharing it...
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