Thursday, April 27, 2006



Many years ago I taught college. I was head of the electrical engineering department. I was in desperate hast to achieving goals. I had abused my body with alcohol, bad nutrition and sleep depredation.
Then I was struck down. I went into a coma for 18 hours. Then awake, I found myself and the world had changed. My left side was not working. My doctors asked me what I wanted to die from. They told me that I faced death.
They are dead now and I am healed. This was accomplished with my art and hobbies. Although blind in one eye and can’t see out the other, I will not concede todefeato! My body and mind are mostly healed. My faith in self and my maker ate strong. I still; like people and the world.
Why do I write this?
Don’t sacrifice your soul in a desperate haste to acquire destructive goals...Life is too short!
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Your "victory energy" permeates your art and words. People are changed by it! That's my goal with my art, too.
thank you for this. It's what I needed to hear today! Enjoy looking at your artwork.
xzpoThankyou for ur comment
I hope it inspired u.
By viewing my art u make my day! Irving
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