Friday, April 21, 2006


The false self

I dreamed I was a man
I awake I am a man
But realy I am a butterfly

Hello, Lloyd Irving!

I followed you here from my blog, and NO, I'm not a stalker!

Your art is very powerful. The visual texture and depth of your lines is primal and thought-provoking.

Your poetry is wonderful, too. "The False Self" makes a big statement with very few words. I believe so many of us are butterflies -- inside.
I came over here after you posted on my blog; I was moved by what you said there. Your art is powerful, as are your words. This little poem is particularly striking. Indeed, we're all butterflies and more. Lately, I've been dreaming of water and sky, and flying. You've inspired me to step away from my usual realistic subjects and attempt to paint this dream!
The story of every persons life. We dream we are who we are, and wake up but wearing a mask that only slightly mimicks or is totally unlike our true selves.
Thankyou I lean from all of You
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