Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On the L train!
What are the three branches of Government?
Who is the head of each branch?
What deed each branch do.?
What are the cunstution, the bill of Rights and the declaration of Independence?
The flag the states pledge of allegiance the song
Why do you want to be a citizen?
What is the Supreme law of thaw Land?

Interleave with Citizen Questions

Maria is citizen bound
Sell documents found
Today is a very cold day
Chicago downtown way
We must be there at two
The address is 549 S. Clark
We go to the Orange Line and get off at Ladle and Van Brew a then walk one block east.
We were early so stopped in at American Subway; we ordered an n Italian bra sandwich, a big pickle and 7Up and a coke.
After this quick lunch we went to rhea cetaceans building
On the steps were 3 policemen who directed us thru some door where a policemen checked our invitation then left again were three security men run us thru a security scanner then another hand held scanner then accorded by another to desk securer enclosure then we waitlisted to be called from a large room err security roamed he isles
After a while she was called into an office where she was tested and documents checked after asking more questions she was told she did very well. She was told that she would get son invite of her citizen ceremony.

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