Thursday, March 16, 2006



Are we becoming the Evil Empire!
My wife is becoming an American citizen. The reason she came to this country was personal freedom and job opportunity. She was a product of the Soviet system. The state controlled everything; it made people dependant on the state. The State controlled the food supply. Permission to buy a car came from the Government. Those who nerd health care was regulated. Health care providers and workers followed government rules. Schools were told what and how to teach. In the name of state security, half the population spied on the other half. People who disagreed with government were punished.
Every worker made to take a test and was limited from Job mobility. They were put to work not by ability, but how they toed the government line.
Travel was restricted and ID cards were mandatory.
Are we replacing the state in our country with a giant corporate Alien?

My wife states that this country is acting more and more like the USSR.
So what can we do?
We must fight for our freedoms or submit to a growuhg oppression.

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