Friday, March 10, 2006


A bird’s freedom was lust
Himself he could only trust

Not a seamingly loveable bear
No one could stroke his hair.

Nor did he really care
How other creatures did fare

All the seasons was his time
Only weather he did mind

He was driven to reproduce and eat
Never viewed deaths end as a defeat

Mother Nature made the bird well !

Butterfly lady
A wizard once ask a lady,
When you come again.
Would you like to be,
Horse, muffin or wren?

The lady smiled and said,
In her sweet voice.
It is very nice of you,
To give me a choice.

I would not care to be,
Any one of these creatures.
For I do not like,
Any of their features.

The wizard thought,
I will make her glad!
For I would not ever,
Plan to make her sad.

He answered to her,
How about a butterfly?
Can you guess?
The reason why.

The lady said,
I think I know.
It is beautiful to see,
And it is also quite free,

They both agreed,
It should be done.
Was this a story?
All jest and fun?

Hi Lloyd, so good to hear from you in Chicago. Pleased to be able to jog your memory about spacious places. Your poetry is beautiful, look forward to staying in touch. The Artist
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