Monday, December 12, 2005


I will kill my Wife!

I hate Fish

I am fifty, sitting in my favorite chair. It is a rust colored recliner chair of old. This comfort stirs my thoughts of the day.
Suddenly I want to go fishing! Why not, I am free! My wife is out.
Jumping up I search for my fishing gear! There is what I need!
Now where to fish and for what? I remember the bridge over the stream. It is in the neiborhood. Someone has said that a huge catfish lives in the stream.
Excited I hustle to go. Leaving the house. I slammed the door! The burden of fishing gear makes me sweat with glee.
Knowing the bridge is blocks away, I move quickly before dark. I curse my load. its heavy!
Arriving on the bridge I set my gear out to fish. I rush to cast my heavy-duty line with its bait.. The catfish here are big!
AHA! something strikes my hook! It must be a monster! The weight of it tears at my arms. My heart pounds. The battle begines!
Huffing and puffing I try to reel im my prize. I wonder how large is this catch?
Iit seems like the battle with my prey is a lifetime. The creature weakens. I am getting the upper haqnd!
As I reel in my enemy, I feel shock! Now disappointment and remorse hits me. As the fish nears me there is disbelief.disbelief. The fish. fat and has spines. I want to throw it back!
I grab the fish to free it from my line. It wounds me. Hastly ,I throw her back in to the water.! I feel disgust and hatred.
Packing up my gear I rush home. My wife will miss me.Why is it dark? The lights are not on at home! Where is my wife? I search the house. she is nowhere to be found. I am exausted. So I slump back into my favorite chair, dropping into a deep sleep.
The loud sound of the door bell awakes me. I slowly stunble to the door. I open it.
A policeman stands befor me!. His fafce is sad and stern.
After a few long moments, He speaks. I must inform you that your wife is dead. She has drowned!

My Death

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