Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The Deer problem

The deer were eating everything in sight!
All the predators were gone Humans were not allowed to kill them in any way. Only nature ruled due to the law. The laws of nature were passed After an election. The Green Peace ` promised less government and more morality. Laws were passed to protect us from our selves. No one was to eat meat or use wood. Gardening was subsidized. Lawns had been turned into gardens; Homes now were now built below ground. This enabled more land to be farmed. The homrs used less energy for heating and cooling. Onyx Greenhouses were exempt. The green house became the living room for the family.

He was one of the old breeds of humans. He had lived long due tto animal replacement organs.. They were now outlawed. Men and wemen died at an early age. This was deemed nessary by the government. His wife had some stem cell replacement this was now not admissible. It was explained as immoral to extend life. Only the body was allowed grew and replaced organs. Also microcrobes did the rest of the restoration. The young were different, not in the way there mind worked,but theor bodies were evulving. Both of them thought that immorality was just fine for them!
Marija liked to organize She was a civil engineer during the Soviet Empire. When that system failed she moved to the old country of the United states of North America. That was before the artic melted. .. The AIDS Virus had been controlles but there was a Panadenic wauting in the wings of life. She saw the suffering and decided to be a nurses assistant. Humen were then worth more than machines. In the background of evens lay the deer obscured by other more important worries.

He had owmed many cars They had been called Nash Rambler,Hudson and Ford. They were gone. Now just a memmoty to most or just an imagr om a viewer. He had secreatly kept his Old Checker Cab in an bunker used in the great conflict. A large machune to store. But he was locky to find a rust free place for it. These machines were a rarety. Most transport was opened by public trans[prt authority. To have your own trasport was a expensive luxuary. If the government knew a tax was issued for this privilege. Voiceless were all repaved with magnetic field drives. The linear induction miter was now protected for land transport, Air columns were used as armatures of the moters, therefore no moving parts. just magnetism elimating friction, This transport seemed ideal, except if you ram into a bird or one of those dame deer

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