Monday, November 14, 2005


.They DNA types say that in Europe you can trace all people to five beginning families. This brings to mind the old question:” who came first People’ or their eggs?”
I am of Celtic origin. Looking at history I wonder how my family tree made it!
The Celts before Caesar were tribe. Each tribe was fiercely independent and so am I.
Each tribe competed with each other. Caesar used their petty jealousies to keep them divided.
His divide and concur strategy worked well... The Celts were almost wiped out. The trips were scattered, never to be a dominate culture.
The Celts were fierce and fought very bravely against the Romans. At the time the Romans were a high tech army compared to the Celts Ununified army. The Celts did wall using hit and run tactics. Than the hot heads of the Celtic tribe WANTING GLORY RAN HEAD LONG INTO Caesar’s war machine. Goodbye Celts!

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