Friday, September 02, 2005


Rememer Mary

a Friend

Remember the story of the little girl that had a friend that no one could see? Well let me refresh your memory.

Mary was alone now. Her mother had died and her father was a captain of the sea going clipper ship called the Luciatania. So she found herself in the care of her old aunt. Her aunt was a spinster who lived in an old Victorian mansion. The house vwas dark even during the day. It allso creaked and moaned at night.
But she was not afraid for she had Oscar, Oscar was her invisible friend. She could always call on him anytime.
We could continue the story but use your emagination to provide an ending.
What is the point. Mary used her emagination to cope. No longer was she alone and scared. We could call this faith in a supioir being. A faith based protector can also be used in the same way. One who unconditionally be our friend. So no one has to be alone,scared and afraid. To develop this trust in others must be tempered in reality. The real world can be harch. A friend which can not be seen by others makes him special. He provides the closeness needed without fear of betrayal.. Why not think about a special friend for yourself.
Faith will help you make the choise.

You have a knack for
writing. I read about 20
blogs a day, and skim about
30 more, so I mean it! We
can all use improvement, but
you certainly are better than
most I've read.

I'm going to be starting a blog
soon, about keyword
(I know, it sounds strange!) but
if you don't mind, I might drop
you a line just to get a little advice.

Thanks kindly.

One Crazy Blog Addict...!
Dave, King of All Keywords
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