Friday, September 02, 2005


Motivation Everyone

Thursday, September 01, 2005
Motivation Everyone has motivations to attain
and to avoid. Imagination of ownership can be a great motivation.

Ever have visions of grandeur? Especially after demon rum?
Alcohole, Helocent drugs and even some types of mushrooms can create visions. A price is paid fpr this intoxication. Yor body and mind can beodamsaged/These visions are from a short circuited mind. Not only that , the visions are corrupt. And you don’t even remember most of it!
You still can have these visions without unnatural means. Constructive thing[ng can also remove restraints by removing one limit at a time. An emple of this follows.
A new car flashes by. What was that? Where can I check it out!! You drive to the showroom. The salesmen puts you in the drivers seat. Wow! what a car and it is yours. A fantasy that becomes reality. The salesmen used your emagination to makr the sale.
The ladies go shopping. A sign says 59 percent off. They look. They try on the cloths. The saaleslady tells them the choise makes them look younger. They are
motivated to buy.
In both examples they are coersed by the salesperson!
How do we explain thiis?
They used Emsginstion of ownership. This appeals to a personal want. This want is not a need. Having becomes a fantasy.
If you become aware of self and understand your needs No one can use you emagfinaton against you. Wanting, needing and having are not the same

Angelina Jolie gets in mama-bear mode
Suzanne Condie Lambert The Arizona Republic Sept. 2, 2005 08:20 AM Angelina Jolie is thinking of taking a British tabloid to court over a report that daughter Zahara's birth mother is alive.
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